Painting Services

Wall Paper Haning

Hanging wall paper / ripping old wall paper from the walls / filling cracks or painting.



Want to give that room a new makeover with contemporary or abstract wallpaper.

Choosing the right wallpaper for your home ultimately depends on your style, space and most importantly, budget. Committing the time to strip and paper (or paint) a room might be a task too far right now.

Hanging wallpaper is not an easy job, it’s not only sticky, tricky and challenging especially if it’s a pattern repeat. Maybe your next wallpaper project is the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom where the wallpaper selection needs to match the prevailing conditions i.e. steam resistant, washable etc. Wallpaper ranges are huge, from glitter, 3D, silver, black, geometric, silver foil, bamboo, glasscloth and metallic wallpaper to name but a few. All of which when hung professionally give that desired calming, relaxing ambience.

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